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Reviews of Fine Art Investigations

"Thank you for writing the book about our great, great, great, great, great, grandmother. It's great because we can learn about one of our ancestors. I love it because it is so interesting.”

"You and your staff have done a remarkable job of researching our painting. We appreciate all your efforts and your exceptional level of expertise.”
Doug M., ARkansas

"Great professional presentation.”
John P. Wincze, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Brown University

"This is one of the most amazingly comprehensive, consistently entertaining and convincing pieces of research I have ever had the pleasure to read.”
Jerry W., Utah

"Tenacious and thorough, Patricia Moss delves into the depths of art history unraveling origins and valuations of family treasures.”
Catherine Lindblad Ketel, DVM

"Delightfully personable and thorough.”
Bill A., Iowa

"Thank you for all your help. I feel so lucky to have found you.”
Liz G., Cape Cod, MA

"Patricia Moss is a pro in her field and they are, in today’s environment, very difficult to find. Pat is honest and thorough.”
Bill Michaels, Basking Ridge, NJ

"Invaluable help.”
Sylvia G., Missouri

"Patricia Moss solved a family mystery. Who painted my third great grandfather’s portrait? She worked with me, asking many questions and researching many twists and turns. In the final analysis, she identified the artist of his painting and is currently following more leads to identify the artist of another painting. I find Ms. Moss to be a caring and diligent art history expert. For her expertise, Patricia Moss richly deserves the highest regard in the field of art history and investigation.”
Lyla Craig Hoyland, Prairie Village, KS

Contact information for the above references from private individuals, as well as from the following organizations, are available on request.

State Historical Society of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri

William Jewell College
Liberty, Missouri

Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art
Fayette, Missouri

Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum
Ilwaco, Washington

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Patricia Moss / Fine Art Investigations in the News:

Sheila G. Miller, “Patricia Moss, Art Sleuth,” 1889 Washington’s Magazine (October 10, 2017)

Jeff Fox, “In renovated courthouse, Binghams on display” The Examiner, (Independence, Missouri, September 5, 2013)

Brian Burnes, “Bingham treasures are displayed at new museum in Independence courthouse,” Kansas City Star (September 6, 2013).  Article reprinted in at least nine newspapers from the Miami Herald to the Anchorage Daily News from the St. Louis Post Dispatch to the Sacramento Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jeff Fox, “Another Bingham portrait could be authenticated,”  (Judge Ephraim Allison), The Examiner, (Independence, Missouri, March 22, 2011)

Steve Paul, “Unsigned Binghams surprise art world,”  Kansas City Star, (Kansas City, Missouri, March 21, 2011)

Quote by Patricia Moss repeated in at least eleven other media news sources:

"Since authentication involves rigorous analysis, scientific examination, which can include testing of paint samples, X-rays and infrared technologies and consensus by several connoisseurs expert in the particular artist, it will be interesting to see what evidence supports these possible discoveries.”
Patricia Moss

Nicole Semenchuk, Bingham Lady Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Research and Scholars’ Center Newsletter (Spring 2010)


George Caleb Bingham Presentation