How much does it cost to identify a portrait artist? Just as every portrait is unique so, too, is every art research project.   Please contact Fine Art Investigations to discuss your particular needs. We strive to tailor projects to clients’ budgets. Using a comprehensive system for portrait artist identification to work quickly and cost-effectively, our customary fees are:

$250 for a non-binding attribution to $2,500 for a bound written report with full documentation and color illustrations.

Consultation & research: $175 an hour

Fully documented authentication report with comparative illustrations: $1,500

Story Behind the Portrait

The price is dependent on a number of factors including the number of generations, and the numbers of pages and illustrations and is negotiated with the client. For high value artworks, additional costs may include consultant fees and conservator examination. 

Conservator examination varies according to institution. Fine Art Investigations can coordinate examination. If there is a charge, the owner pays the museum directly.

Brokering Commission

20% for private sales
10% for public sales

Fine Art Investigations can invoice through Square or a check can be mailed to:

PO Box 163
Long Beach, Washington  98631-0163

Sample Hard-bound Book