Subject Identification

With one good clue, and through accurate dating, art historical and genealogical research, connoisseurship, Fine Art Investigations can often identify portrait sitters.

At times, we unearth so much information on the subject that clients ask for a book. Through our work, family heirloom portraits of an unknown relative by an unknown artist transform into an appreciated ancestor. The life story can be preserved in an illustrated bound volume to become yet another family heirloom.

Prerequisites for Portrait Subject Identification

Prerequisites for Portrait Subject Identification are much like the prerequisites for portrait artist identification, but emphasize family history.

  1. In addition to good photographs of the painting, please supply
    • As much provenance as possible
  2. If a family portrait, please supply:
    • Name, birth date, birthplace as much provenance as possible.  (Maiden and married names for a woman)
    • Family stories
    • Payment of retainer
    • A statement that you understand that compensation will not assure a specific conclusion and that the balance of payment will be paid immediately after the project concludes.

Jacob Eichholtz
Julia Anna Marion Prosser (Mrs. Richard Bland Lee II) (1805-1886) ca. 1825
Canvas 30 x 25 inches Private Collection