Fine Art Investigations offers the following services:

Artist Identification
With one good clue, and through accurate dating, art historical and genealogical research, connoisseurship, and Morellian analysis, we can identify 19th century American portrait artists. We also coordinate technical analysis and second opinions. More info...

Subject Identification
With one good clue, we can identify the portrait subject, and if desired, provide a family history. More info...

With our knowledge and experience, we can provide advice on nearly all aspects of 19th century American portraits.

Fine Art Investigations has sold portraits and lithographs to museums and private collectors. Selling artworks that we authenticate, however, would be a conflict of interest. More info...

According to IRS guidelines, Fine Art Investigations is qualified to appraise 19th century American portraits.

How much does it cost to identify a portrait artist? Just as every portrait is unique so, too, is every art research project.  Please contact Fine Art Investigations to discuss your particular needs. More info...

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William James Hubard
Miss Barton, ca. 1845