George Caleb Bingham
American Artist

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George Caleb Bingham Paintings in Museums
By State

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San Marino - Huntington Library
In a Quandry or Mississippi Raftsmen at Cards, 1851
Los Angeles – Los Angeles County Arts Museum

A View of a Lake in the Mountains, 1856-1857
Guarding Their Master’s Hat, 1877

San Diego – Fine Arts Society of San Diego
Colonel James Harvey Birch, 1875
San Francisco – Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Denver – Denver Art Museum / Anschutz Collection

Family Life on the Frontier, 1845
Woodboatmen on a River or Watching the Cargo at Night (1), 1854
Captain Preston Roberts, 1875
Mrs. Preston Roberts (Agnes McCargill) , 1875

Evanston - Terra Foundation
The Jolly Flatboatmen (3), 1877-1878
Des Moines – Iowa State Historical Society
Dr. Isaac Galland, 1836
Lexington – Headley-Whitney Museum

Dr. William Price, 1845
Mary Ellen Sappington (Mrs. William Price), 1845

Louisville - Filson Historical Society
Colonel Samuel Bullitt Churchill, 1838
New Orleans - New Orleans Museum of Art
Portrait of a Man, 1835
Waterville - Colby College Museum of Art
Landscape with Fisherman, 1845-1850
Boston - Museum of Fine Arts

The Squatters, 1850
Landscape with Water Wheel and Boy Fishing, 1853

Detroit - Institute of Arts Museum

John Quincy Adams, 1850
The Checker Players, 1850
The Trappers’ Return, 1851

Minneapolis - Institute of the Arts

Captain William Johnston, 1849
Mrs. William Johnston (Rachael Spears), 1837

Arrow Rock – Arrow State Historic Site, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Dr. John Sappington, 1834
Mrs. John Sappington (Jane Breathitt), 1834
James M. Piper, 1875 ?
Mary B. Thomas (Mrs. James M. Piper), 1875 ?

Boonville – Boonville Masonic Temple

Reuben Smith Leveridge, 1839
Mrs. Reuben Smith Leveridge (Rebecca Munro), 1839

Columbia – State Historical Society of Missouri

Colonel Thomas Miller, 1837       
John Woods Harris, 1837 
Miss Mary Elizabeth Barr, 1837         
Robert Steele Barr, 1837
Jacob Fortney Wyan, 1839
Mrs. Jacob Fortney Wyan (Nancy Shanks), 1845
Mrs. William Franklin Switzler (Mary Jane Royall), 1849
Dr. John Locke Hardeman, 1850   
Alexander William Doniphan, 1850 
Mrs. Alexander William Doniphan (Elizabeth Jane Thornton), 1850   
John Hiram Lathrop, 1850
Robert Eaton Acock, 1852
James Leachman Stephens, 1852 
Mrs. James Leachman Stephens (Amelia Hockaday), 1852
Elijah S. Stephens, 1855   
Mrs. Elijah S. Stephens (Patsy Renfro), 1855      
James Shannon, 1855 
Thomas Jefferson (after Gilbert Stuart), 1856
Baron Friedrich Heinrich Alexander Von Humboldt, 1860 
Brigadier General Odon Guitar, 1860  
General Thomas Lawson Price, 1860
Martial Law or Order No. 11, 1869
James Sidney Rollins, 1871         
Miss Vinnie Ream, 1876 
Judge Francis Marion Black, 1878

Columbia – Stephens College
The Reverend Xerxes Xavier Buckner, 1860
Columbia – University of Missouri Museum of Art & Archaeology
Thomas Withers Nelson, 1844
Columbia – University of Missouri School of Law

Henry Sheffie Geyer, 1839
Mrs. Henry Sheffie Geyer (Joanna Easton Quarles), 1839

Fayette – Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art
Portrait of a Young Woman, 1850
Independence – The Bingham-Waggoner Estate
Dr. Johnston Lykins, 1855 (on loan from Native Sons of Kansas City)
Independence – Jackson County Art Museum

Colonel Shubael Allen, 1835
Dr. Anthony Wayne Rollins, 1835
Mrs. Shubael Allen (Dinah Ayres Trigg), 1835
Judge Priestly Haggin McBride, 1837
Mrs. Priestly Haggin McBride (Mary Snell) , 1837
Major James Sidney Rollins, 1856
Mrs. Anthony Wayne Rollins (Sarah [Sallie] Harris Rodes), 1856
Miss Annie Allen, 1859
John Campbell, 1860
William Campbell, 1860
Judge Samuel Locke Sawyer, 1865
Julia George, 1870
Thomas Hoyle Mastin        1871
Mrs. Ephraim Allison (Ruth McCarty)    1872
Thomas Edward Allison    1872

Jefferson City – Missouri Mansion Preservation
Alfred Orr, 1837
Kansas City Museum
Mrs. Samuel J. Platt (Louisa____), 1852
Kansas City – Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Dr. John Sappington, 1844
Mrs John Sappington (Jane Breathitt), 1844
Fishing on the Mississippi, 1851
Canvassing for the Vote, 1851
Miss Vestine Porter, 1850
Frederick Moss Prewitt, 1855
Mrs. Frederick Moss Prewitt (Nancy Johnston), 1855
Mariah Chandler McPherson, ca. 1855-1860
Dr Benoist Troost, 1859
Mrs. Benoist Troost (Mary Ann Gilliss), 1859
Judge James Turner Vance Thompson, 1860
Mrs. James Turner Vance Thompson (Elizabeth Drew), 1860
Mrs. John Bristow (Roma Johnson), 1866
Miss Mary Frances Ward, 1870
Mrs. William Miles Chick (Ann Eliza Smith), 1871
William Miles Chick, 1871
Mountain Landscape, 1872-1878
Mrs. Boone Walker Clarke (Mary Jane Kinney) and Brother (Joseph Beeler Kinney), 1874
Self Portrait, 1877 (on loan from the Kansas City Public Library)

Liberty – William Jewell College

Mrs. Robert Stewart Thomas (Elvira Johnston), 1849
Major Dean in Jail, 1866

Saint Louis – Missouri Historical Society

Meredith Miles Marmaduke, 1834
Mrs. Meredith Miles Marmaduke (Lavinia Sappington), 1834
Marbel Camden, 1839
Miss Sallie Ann Camden, 1839
Mrs. John Fletcher Darby, 1839
John Cummings Edwards, 1844
Peter Gallatin Camden, 1845
Colonel William Franklin Switzler,  1849
Thomas Hart Benton,  1850

Saint Louis Art Museum

George Caleb Bingham (Self Portrait), 1834-1835 
Major Richard Gentry, 1837   
Judge Henry Lewis, 1838
Mrs. Henry Lewis (Elizabeth Morton Woodson), 1838 
The Dull Story (Sarah Elizabeth Hutchison / Mrs. George Caleb Bingham), 1844   Landscape with Cattle,  1846
Mississippi Raftsmen Playing Cards, 1847
Dr. Oscar Fitzland Potter, 1848     
Captured by Indians, 1848
Wood Boat, 1850
County Election, 1852
Stump Speaking, 1853-1854
Verdict of the People, 1854-1855
Belated Wayfarers, 1856
Old Field Horse, 1856
Jolly Flatboatmen in Port, 1857

St. Louis Mercantile Library

John Howard Payne, 1840
George Washington (after Gilbert Stuart), 1856
Mrs. George Washington (Martha Dandridge Custis), 1856 (after Gilbert Stuart)

St. Louis – Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Washington University
Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap or Daniel Boone Escorting a Band of Pioneers into the Western Country, 1851
Montclair – Montclair Art Museum
William Hamilton Letcher, 1855
Newark – Newark Art Museum
Landscape, Lake in the Mountains, 1850
Brooklyn – Brooklyn Art Museum

General Francis Preston Blair, Jr, 1871
Shooting for the Beef, 1850

New York City – Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, 1845
Woodboatmen on a River or Watching the Cargo at Night (2), 1854

Cincinnati – Cincinnati Art Museum
Order No. 11, 1865-1868
Youngstown – Butler Institute of American Art
James H. Cravens, 1842
Tulsa – Gilcrease Museum

Dr. Thomas Nicholas Cockerill, 1838
Mrs. Thomas Nicholas Cockerill (Emma Ann Donohoe), 1838
Daniel Webster, 1844
Landscape with Indian Encampment

Philadelphia – Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 1856
Philadelphia - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Pastoral Landscape, 1850
Pittsburgh - Carnegie Museum of Art

Colonel Thomas Miller, 1834
Daybreak in a Stable or Cattle at Daybreak or Stable Scene, 1851

Chattanooga – Hunter Museum of American Art

John R Griffin, 1874
Mrs. John R. Griffin (Eliza Haven Carpenter),  1874

Knoxville – Calvin M. Clung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library
Adam Lee Mills, 1851
Fort Worth – Amon Carter Museum
Orange – Stark Museum of Art
The Concealed Enemy, 1845
Salt Lake City – Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Mrs. James Thomas Birch (Margaret Eliza Nelson), 1877
Forest Hill ( The Nelson Home in Booneville, Missouri), 1877

Norfolk – Chrysler Museum of Art
Richmond – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Going to Market, 1842
Blair House
General Francis Preston Blair, Jr., 1871
Smithsonian Institution – National Gallery of Art

Cottage Scenery,  1845
Mississippi Boatman, 1850

Smithsonian Institution – National Portrait Gallery

John Quincy Adams, 1845
Self-Portrait, 1850

The White House
Lighter Relieving a Steamboat Aground, 1847
Charleston – Historic Glenwood Foundation

George William Summers, 1843
Heber Summers, 1843
Mrs. George William Summers (Amacetta Laidley),  1843

Madison – State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Miss Vinnie Ream, 1876